I don’t believe in luck. However, I do know that when preparedness meets opportunity, extraordinary things can happen. So the question is, are you prepared? Are you ready for that big break? Are you ready to answer the knock on the door? Are you prepared to “jump” at the chance of a lifetime? Are you prepared right now? Before the end of this day? At a moment’s notice?

Have you done the work, paid your dues and put in your 10k hours? Are you now an “expert” in your field? Are you operating at peak performance? Do you have an extraordinary product, outrageous service or breathtaking art ready for your fans & customers (the world) to consume? Have you built your following, grown your tribe, and established a large enough respected reputation? One that will enthusiastically follow you to the next level, and sustain you when you arrive? Could you drop everything in your life “at a moment’s notice” to pursue an opportunity if it came knocking TODAY? Are you conscious enough, open-minded enough, intelligent enough, seasoned enough, experienced enough, and wise enough to recognize a real opportunity when you see one?

If you said “no” to any one of these questions, then it would be smart to get prepared.

If you said “yes,” then it would be smart to remain vigilant, tweek your antennae, tune your radar and be on the lookout for opportunities. It would also be smart to “travel light,” and make yourself available to perform, produce, travel or respond, with confidence and intelligence when opportunity comes unexpectedly banging…at a moment’s notice.

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