It is now apparent that the dark cloud that has hung over our lives in 2020 will finally be obliterated with a painless, double shot of much needed hope! And many of the artist and treps I know are celebrating by rearranging their furniture, slapping paint on the walls and redesigning their creative space to clear out the dark energy and make room for new exciting projects in 2021.

It makes me think that you can redesign your studio with the coolest gear and the latest technology, and surround yourself with awards, citations, gold statues and platinum records. You can even create a cool creative vibe in your space with inspiring posters, meaningful artifacts and memorable chachkies. However, it’s your greatest ideas that will ultimately be the most imposing energy in the room, and your most important unfinished work will be screaming at you the minute you set foot in the door!

Important because when you take a look at the genius, brilliance and talent that has come out of small, dusty garages (from tech giants to rock stars), it becomes evident that your great ideas and biggest dreams could care less whether you do your work in a small cubicle, a dusty garage or an elaborate studio. The only thing your best ideas want is to become meaningful, relevant and alive in the world.

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