Back in the day, when we were faced with a publishing challenge, I would meet with my team and we would just keep uncovering and revealing the facts in the matter. Once we arrived at the truth (the real hard to face truth), we began the arduous task of “reworking” the plan. Boy, at that moment you could really feel the resistance in the room.

When your best effort isn’t working, most of us move into “OMG!” mode and begin frantically trying more of the same, much more, again and again, over and over, repeating what has always worked in the past. All that does is compound the problem and make everyone stifled in frustration. It also calls into question your willingness as an artist/trep to start over, from scratch, and reinvent.

“It’s not always about trying to fix something broken. It’s about starting over and creating something better.” —Unknown

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