I’ve said this before: Now is the time to huddle up! Now is the time to have dinner parties and bbq’s with like minded showbiz friends, artists & treps! Now is the time to have conversations at the deep end of the pool regarding our careers, goals, and dreams going forward! As globally massive as the entertainment industry is, we are still a small community of (mostly) awesome, creative, caring people who just happen to have something very profound in common: we love what we do, and we have chosen the bumpy road less traveled. Never forget, “there’s no people like show people!”

That said, there could be some financial relief for many of the cast, crew, and support folks currently out of work and struggling in all areas of our industry. I recently received a press release from Jennifer Jorge, the director of community services for MPTF(Motion Picture & television Fund) and here’s what she had to say:

Most of those who have contacted MPTF for assistance are our below-the line workforce, including IATSE and Teamsters.” Our broad range of social services have already been provided to thousands of industry members and their families this year; in addition, we have received around 1,000 requests from industry members in need of financial support and other social services due to the work stoppage. This is more than 3X the rate of inquiries we receive in a typical year for this timeframe. A very high percentage (89%) of these calls are from industry members who are assessed with high at-risk or crisis levels of need. The bottom line is people are struggling greatly, and they need our support. We are administering financial assistance funds for IATSE, Teamsters Local 399, the DGA Foundation, and TUSC (The Union Solidarity Coalition), and with that we are able not only to provide financial support and coverage for health care premiums, but also case management on other issues. If you are in need of assistance due to the work stoppage, please call us at 323-634-3888. Or visit us at MPTF.com.

Important because as a community, united in our efforts, we will persevere.

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