The fact that you can record a song, shoot a video and launch it in front of as many people that you can muster is miraculous! It should provoke you to get to work!

The fact that you can launch a website, and slowly and intelligently build a brand, that could go on to finance the rest of your life, is cause for a sleepless “brainstorming” night.

The fact that you have all the tools & tech necessary to make a difference to millions of people with your art & commerce is an opportunity worth pursuing.

And the fact that you have all knowledge known to man right in the palm of your hand is mind-blowing.

Yet the grand probability is that you will continue on in this petty pace, waiting for someone to discover you, waiting for someone to choose you.

Truth be told, you’re an artist, an entrepreneur. You don’t get chosen, YOU choose you!

Today, the responsibility falls on you (the crazy, genius artist) to make something happen. Offer us something that has never been offered to us before. Create something that helps us learn and causes us to grow. Make life a little easier for us, a little happier, with your simple designs, tasty products and outrageous talent. Enlighten us with what’s inside you, and lift us up to the next level of consciousness with your inspiring poetry, alluring music, and compelling stories. This is your time! Show us what you’ve been holding back. Show us what’s inside you, screaming to get out!

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