Really, when it comes to candy there’s no better in the world. Did you ever see their TV promos or read their magazine ads? No? That’s because they built a small empire one customer at a time, with an irresistible world-class product, brand recognition and no media advertising. (Then Warren Buffet stepped in and took them to the moon).

Today, YOU have the same opportunity to build your own personal brand. From production to promotion YOU now have all the tools at your fingertips to create your grand ideas and manifest them in the world. Problem is, if no one knows about your work it just becomes part of your “failure legacy.” In order to make a decent living working your dream, you need listeners to listen, readers to read, fans to evangelize, and customers to buy.

How do you get them? The same way you eat See’s Candy, one piece at a time.

As the leader of your empire, the future success of your crazy, genius idea is not only dependent on how truly jaw dropping it is, the future success of your work is equally dependent on how many people will care, how they will find you, and how many will share their experience of your amazing, astounding, astonishing, talent.

I think that intelligently growing your following, enlarging your fan base, expanding your readership, developing your tribe, and putting a big sticky, gooey smile on your customers face, must be at the very top of your priority list. Without a group of people standing in line salivating to get a taste of your sweet work, what’s the point of opening a candy store?

BTW: My Favorite See’s candy is Dark Chocolate Almond, yummy!

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