If you’ve put in your 10k hours, mastered your craft, racked up a history of experiences and have become such an expert in your field you could teach it, but you still haven’t grabbed the brass ring…

If you’ve met so many influential, industry insiders and have an impressive list of contacts and connections, but you still have not broken through…

And if you’ve achieved an impressive level of success in your career but you still haven’t come close to achieving your biggest dreams, then what you’re left with are the stories you tell yourself (and others) about why you haven’t arrived yet.

Sadly, once you start believing the stories and excuses you tell yourself, and once you start to build a case for the extra work you have to do and the radical actions you have to take just to stay relevant, then you’re either looking at the beginning of the end game, or a lot more of the same o’l, same o’l.

Why? Because you’re looking in the wrong direction! The problem is not out there, it’s in here! And no matter how much you try and breakthrough the walls out there, and no matter how much experience you have, knowledge you’ve acquired, or wisdom you’ve attained, you’re still the same person you’ve always been at the core…we all are!

Important because the only walls left to breakthrough are the ones you’ve built on the inside that prevent you from breaking through any further. Only then will the skills you’ve mastered on the outside enable you to advance up the ladder and finally get a firm grip on the brass ring. Not like a therapy session, more like an honest self inquiry.

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