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I’m extremely grateful when I’m offered an opportunity to speak at various conferences, panels and keynotes, and I do my best to work those into my schedule. However, I really perk up when I’m invited to present one of my all day workshops to a group of committed, foolhardy entrepreneurs, artists, small groups or big companies who have huge, impossible goals and are nevertheless determined to achieve them. Workshops are to me very personal and up close. You have the luxury of time to delve deeper into a problem and rip apart the intricate elements of a challenge. I absolutely love working with smart, brave artists & entrepreneurs who have committed their time and money to learn, contribute, share and participate with other like-minded folks—people who are audacious enough to do or say whatever it takes to courageously “break through” the petty circumstances blocking their ultimate goal, and refocus their vision, repurpose their mission and ultimately and finally achieve their impossible dream.

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Michael Dolan is a dynamic, articulate and exciting talk show guest. With his help, we were able to bring a lively and informative 40-minute segment to our viewers.
- CNN News

I absolutely loved the seminar! Michael is great and delivers 5 hours of enlightening material with passion and conviction! I will continue to test the noise out there against my higher principals and remain committed to my own high standards.
- Roger P.

Thank you so much for the AWESOME seminar that has changed my life forever! Many things have already happened: My self-confidence is in a completely different place, My points of reference have been altered and I now chant Extraordinary - to not only to my showbiz career but in life it as well.
- Lisa N.

For five entertaining, enlightening, encouraging hours Michael presented the fundamental, functioning realities of showbiz as a simple dynamic interplay between just plain folks. I was blown away!
- James H.

The day after the seminar I had a major audition and SLAMMED it! I have always known I was amazing but the fear and insecurity of my past "stuff" stopped me from recognizing who I really was. So please be proud of yourself today Michael, that you have a gift to help others. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
- Maria M.

Michael's unique perspective of the entertainment industry affords him the abilityto observe and define the basic truth about what it really takes to be successful in showbiz.
- Greta H.

Michael's seminar on Aging Parents was so much more than I expected. His unique ability to get to the truth of the matter regarding the care of my dad took me for an emotional roller-coaster ride I was not expecting! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is caring for their elderly parent.
- Marianne S.