I’m fortunate to work and consult with a clientele of successful, committed, intelligent, talented, artists and entrepreneurs. However, the conversations at the deep end of the pool are not always focused on their success but rather their sins. Here are ten examples of the sins that we artists & treps consistently commit against ourselves:

— Resisting raising the bar too high because that would equal more time-crunching responsibility.

— Allowing the dramatic breaking news of the day to invade our creative thought-space and slow the progress of our goals, projects and dreams.

— Permitting pettiness to invade our to-do list.

— Faking it.

— Working so hard, for so long, for fleeting results has become the new normal.

— Dragging our feet until the interest in a worthwhile project fades to black.

— Setting attainable goals instead of impossible ones.

— Continuing to placate and put up with the uncooperative, unhelpful, ineffective or righteous ways of others at such an emotional, physical and monetary cost to you and your goals.

— Resisting change as if it were the enemy.

— Knowing exactly where High Street is, but constantly choosing Easy St..

Important because there are persistent “personal” challenges in the daily lives of pro, independent, creative artists and entrepreneurs that are worth enduring in order to advance forward, and forgiving yourself is one of them.

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