I’ve seen’um all in the past three decades of my showbiz career. Here are just a few sins that artists & entrepreneurs consistently commit—against themselves:
— Allowing personal dramas to thwart a worthwhile project.
— Resisting “change” as if it were the enemy.
— Faking it!
— Setting attainable goals instead of impossible ones.
— Sabotaging the project 3/4 of the way through.
— Procrastinating until you have to run a “mad-dash” to the finish.
— Permitting “pettiness” to dictate the to-do list.
— Surrendering to the voice of doubt, ignoring the whisper of confidence.
— Allowing others to dictate your destiny.
— Denying the value of building a tribe.
— Righteously prophesying the demise of Social Media.
— Resisting the “Tech Revolution”
— Denying the “Connection Revolution.”
— Allowing fear to prevent you from raising the bar.
— Believing the demon of doubt is actually the voice of reason.
— “Knowing” the high-road, but taking the low-road.
— Waiting to become rich or famous, before helping others.

What did I miss?

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