Not the kind of skid marks you’re thinking about. I’m taking about the kind you leave on the pavement as you’re flooring it or slamming on the breaks.

When you’re flooring it you realize something so profound you just have to get on it as fast as you can.

Same thing when your slamming on the breaks. You realize something so profound that you must immediately come to a screeching halt to avoid a catastrophe.

However, donuts are good too! When you’re doing donuts, driving around in circles, you’re in a holding pattern, like the planes at LAX; gathering smart intel, watching for an opportunity, waiting to make your move. The journey may make you dizzy, but the experience will make you wiser.

Important because skid marks are actually tangible evidence that you were so aware and conscious, and your radar was so fined tuned that you were able to make a smart snap decision in the face of advancing opportunity or impending doom. Donuts are also good for dunk’n.

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