The urgency to choose and the pressure to decide can be overwhelming and stressful. I feel the rush too. The rush to complete, the press to finish, the race to make a buck, the need to get that great idea out of my head and into my computer—before I lose it. To finally arrive at “a fait accompli,” so I can get on with the next thing. That urgency is consistent with who we all are—a bunch of crazy, creative, genius artists & independent entrepreneurs!

However, in a world of ever increasing speed, I think it’s ok to slow down too. In fact I think it’s smart to do so. You can still feel excited, still meet every deadline, still move forward with velocity, just move thru it all in “slower” motion. Think slow. Talk slow. Move slow. Act slow. Whether it’s a song, a script, a book, a conversation, a start up, or a big corp meeting, slow is ok. And ignore those who would accuse you of procrastinating, they’re not the same. Procrastination is fueled with doubt and uncertainty, which leaves you frozen in indecision. Slow is fueled with intelligence and skill, and laced with careful consideration—and leaves you open to all possibilities.

“We Are Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” —John Mayer

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