Everyone is home now watching and listening to ART! Music, TV, movies, books, documentaries, YouTube videos, TED talks, podcasts, and more. Meanwhile, musicians are at home jamming & recording together online, actors are auditioning online, writers are collaborating online, and artists are camped out in their studios splattering paint all over their Photoshop docs. Thank God they didn’t quarantine our devices! Meanwhile entrepreneurs are reimagining their businesses, upgrading their tech, reaching out to their customers and clients and shifting their gaze to planning & plotting their first move once the darkness passes.

They’ve told us over again how NOT to catch the virus: stay far away from human beings! If we follow that simple rule we should be fine. They’ve also sentenced us to solitary confinement and told us to be patient, because however long it takes it takes. If we follow that simple rule we should be fine.

Important because pro artist & treps work in isolation and uncertainty every single day of their lives! The process of creating art and making risky decisions is a lonely one. Therefore, it stands to reason that creative people can handle being shut in much better than others. More reason to believe we should be fine.

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