It’s the number one topic of discussion between artists & entrepreneurs. My clients and I grapple with “strategy” all the time. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about record promotion, career development, hired guns, staff challenges, manifesting a “great idea,” or reinventing a declining business, the term “strategy” always shows up in the mix.

Truth is, some folks are resistant to change (especially if they’ve achieved some previous success), preferring to stick to old, familiar marketing methods.

Truth is, you may be able to “temporarily” get away with the same o’l worn out, antique strategy you’ve used before, but those days are fading fast…better said, your results will continue to slowly decline.

Truth is, not changing your strategy simply because you can’t think of a better one is a crummy strategy.

Truth is, if a solid plan defines the goal, a smart strategy provides the map to get there.

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