Unfortunately, for some pro artists & treps, the end of 2018 doesn’t look that much different then it did back in January. Or for that matter from the year before!

— Has your income changed much?

— Has your personal time-management system or your daily routine changed much?

— Did you manage to breakthrough any of those barriers that prevent you from gaining ground?

— Did you exceed your goals? Did you go beyond this year’s projections?

— Have you grown your base? Improved your art? Upgraded your business? Revised your strategy?

— Are you still fighting the same demons you were fighting at the beginning of the year?

— Have the books you read, the seminars you took or the podcasts you listened to provoked any real, lasting results? Did you actually partake in any?

— Did you keep all the promises you made to yourself this year? Did you even make any?

— Are you still wondering when it’s all going to finally start working out?

Important because what if nothing changes? What if your current circumstances remain stuck where they are? What if the end of 2019 looks the same as today? Would you be okay with that? Or, is it time to finally consult with an intelligent advisor or a knowledgeable cohort who could help?

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