Many of the artists & treps I consult with are either worried about what they don’t have, or complaining that what they do have is not enough.

Truth is, you may not have a million followers, but you certainly have enough to start rallying a tribe.

You may not have a savvy marketing team but you certainly have a story to tell.

You may not use the same words or say it the same way as others, but you certainly have the same “QWERTY” keyboard.

You may not have the same guitar collection as Eric Clapton, but you certainly have six strings and a fret board.

You may not have your first billion in the bank, but you certainly have enough to get to the next step—even if it’s a small one.

Standing on the “sturdy shoulders” of who you are today, and acknowledging what you’ve amassed so far, no matter how much or how little, is certainly your strongest asset going forward.

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