Just when you’re sure it’s going to happen for you, it doesn’t!

Just when you think you’re in, they pull you back out again!

Just when you are anxiously checking and re-checking your messages for the one call that will send you to the next level, the call that actually comes in sends you directly back to square one.

And while it’s true that this is an all-too-common scenario for most pro artists & treps, it is also nevertheless true that the sudden sting of a setback is always a painful surprise. 

Important because when others are suddenly blindsided with unexpected negative results, they often think, “Why me?” However, when a pro artist or trep is suddenly slammed or stymied she immediately retreats to her Fortress of Solitude and calms her doubting mind. Then she conjures up new ideas, invents better solutions and explores different options. Finally, she re-commits to that which she says is most important to her. Not like whoa is me, more like Wow is me!

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