Just finished reading Peter Gubers book “Tell To Win” for the second time. It’s that good. Reminded me why I love the entertainment biz so much, probably because I’ve never worked in any other industry in my life—sawdust is in my DNA. Music, movies, radio, theater, media, print, promotion, photography, graphics, production, teaching, writing, directing, design, catering, construction, imagineering, circus clowns and Vegas stage hands. In fact, ANY job you can think of can be found in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s up on the high wire in front of the camera, or behind the scenes shoveling the elephant poop. There’s really no biz like show biz, and no folks like crazy creative showbiz folks. Especially here in SoCal where almost everyone you meet has some connection to showbiz; from waiters to accountants. And although there’s plenty of ego, there’s also an abundance of heart, a wealth of support, and always someone in “the biz” close by to point the way when you get “knee-deep in the hoopla.”

That’s why I say, “don’t buy it” when doubts begin to rumble between your ears, or your friends, family or some infamous showbiz blogger tells you it’s time to give up your dream, quit the biz and make room for others. That’s absurd! There’s plenty of room in show biz for anyone who wants to play. There’s always room for another great song, a provocative screenplay, a unique production, an unprecedented business venture, an innovative start-up, a viral video, or an “out-of-the-box” artist or trep with an extraordinary idea. Unlike other industries like finance or law, where the market is flooded with college grads and limited job opportunities, showbiz provides a vast choice of unlimited unique and different career options. And even though others complain they “just can’t find a job in showbiz,” the truth is, there’s absolutely no shortage of work in our industry for a determined, adventurous person who has the talent, desire and commitment to break in. Got kids? Point them in the direction of the global entertainment industry. Doesn’t matter what their special gift is, they’ll find a place for it, as well as a home (and family) here in the crazy, creative circus of showbiz.

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