It’s doesn’t matter if it’s the game on the field or the halftime show on the stage. Whenever the lights go up in the arena, and the crowd roars in anticipation, there is a talented person (or persons) standing right in the center spotlight. And that person may appear fearless on the outside, all dressed up in colorful matching battle gear, or showy, flashy costumes, ready to step into the arena and declare victory. However, on the inside, the demon of doubt lurks between the ears of every super pro, and taunts them with distractions, fills them with uncertainty, and relentlessly reminds them of what they haven’t achieved, what they haven’t attained, and what they have yet to accomplish.

Both athlete & artist will attempt to leave all they’ve got in the arena. But will it be enough to satisfy a hungry crowd? Others can’t appreciate the barenaked courage it takes to put your ass on the line and step in front of a billion fans & foes around the globe, and give your performance of a lifetime, while a group of self-proclaimed critics eagerly wait for you to blow it. And it doesn’t matter if you’re singing the National Anthem or passing the ball as far as you can toward the end zone, it’s the onlookers who are torn between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Important because talk about being in the moment! Thank God, there is a time when the athlete or the artist can experience some fleeting moments of complete ecstasy and peace of mind. And that time is when they are nowhere to be found! Lost in the instant of their battle, and vanished in the evanesce of their dance.


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