The problem is not that you’re not talented enough. In fact, by now, you’ve probably mastered your craft, and your level of talent far exceeds the level at which you are currently playing. The real problem is a personal, deep-seated trepidation that has always stopped you from going any further, playing any bigger or making it to the pinnacle of your particular profession. And if you’re not willing to take the plunge into the deep end of the pool and discover what it is that’s really blocking the road forward, then you’ll forever be parked on the side of the road where you’re sitting right now, which for some may be further down the road than others.

Important because where most people stop has less to do with gatekeepers, management, timing, age or connections, and more to do with some long-standing, deeply personal reluctance to advance to “the bigs.” And now is the perfect time, while we’re in the midst of this pandemic, and while our awesome industry is in the midst of reinventing itself, that you could take steps to reinvent yourself too. Only from the inside out! Perhaps you could go deep with a trusted confidant, a reputable coach, or a personal consultant. Anyone but you! Because the last person you should consult with about this is you!

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