The Easter Bunny may be cute and funny, however she’s not always soft and sweet (like candy).

In the popular children’s fableThe Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise is smart, clever, and determined to win the race. However the rabbit is an overbearing bully, who teases, torments and ridicules the slow-moving snapper, which makes the leatherback more determined than ever to devise a plan to win the race.

As the story goes, the arrogant, boastful hare is so over-confident of winning the race, she lets down her guard, allows herself to be distracted, and pauses to daydream. The tortoise however, is committed, with his eye firmly fixed on the prize. So he continues to advance, one step at a time, without allowing distractions to steal his focus, and finally wins the race.

Important because a plan of action that’s too over confident and puffed up with pride and posturing is more prone to failure. While a plan that disallows distraction, sets a diligent pace, and progresses slowly and intelligently will eventually reach the finish line.

More important because the truth is, the hare-brained Easter Bunny really is a lovable character, and does have a big heart. And if we are good, she will show us her gentle, generous side by leaving behind a sweet surprise every year.

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