Entrepreneurs are artists, and artists are entrepreneurs. Artists need to express their art, entrepreneurs need to exploit their art. Problem is, Art is always on the battlefield with Commerce:

Art wants nothing more than to be expressed.
Commerce wants nothing more than to profit from Art.

Art dreams about being admired.
Commerce dreams about abundance.

Art wrestles with the doubting mind of the artist.
Commerce wrestles with the doubting mind of the consumer.

Art loves how Commerce promotes her to the masses.
Commerce loves how Art is so willing to be exploited.

Art’s real enemy: A timid artist.
Commerce’s real enemy: Bad Art.

To the artist, Commerce is the audacious mercenary of Art.
To the entrepreneur, Art is the essential swag of Commerce.

I think Art & Commerce really want the same thing: to be respected and paid. So why do they always end up on the battlefield?

“When artists get together, they talk about money. When entrepreneurs get together they talk about art.” —Oscar Wilde

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