I’ve learned (the hard way) that the most revered, respected and time-honored pain in showbiz are the battle scars of rejection. The more wounds you have, the more war-stories you get to tell. You can’t even imagine the number of times in the past 33 years I’ve heard: “I was THAT close to getting my song in a TV show!” Rejection is a regular occurrence in showbiz because that’s the risk you take when you hang a “for sale” sign on your talent—you risk no one wanting to buy it. The payoff, however, is worth the risk. The payoff is the possibility that the world could benefit from the results of your creativity, and you could get handsomely paid for it. That’s a pretty good payoff if you ask me! I believe that the secret to accepting the sting of rejection with grace and dignity is, “DON’T ACCEPT IT WITH GRACE AND DIGNITY!” React honestly, and let your emotions run free! If your reaction is sadness, go ahead and be sad, if your reaction is anger, go ahead and get mad, and if your reaction is apathy, be apathetic for a day or two. Who knows, your reaction to rejection may be joy and gratitude: “I’m SO glad that I didn’t get that gig!” The crucial thing to remember is that whenever your songs, your appearance, or your talent is rejected, don’t allow the experience to halt or stall the momentum of your creative process. React to the rejection honestly; either take advantage of the experience and use it in your art, or simply “let it go” and keep moving forward. Because the challenge is not the rejection itself, it’s your reaction to it.

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