When pro artists and entrepreneurs are lit up and on fire with sudden creative inspiration, their energy explodes, propelling them forward down the playing field with remarkable momentum. A circus of ideas come flying in, and they are able to channel their thoughts and visions into tangible creations or innovative business ventures. During this period, their mind is constantly brimming with new possibilities, and they find themselves in a state of heightened productivity and enthusiasm!

When those moments come, and you are fortunate enough to recognize and experience this spontaneous gift of inspiration, grab your notepads, devices and tools and go for the ride as far as it will take you, all day and night if needed! This is pure creative energy that spontaneously shows up, then eventually begins to dissipate. When it appears, and how long it lasts is out of our control. What is in our control is how we react to it.

Important because the exciting divine experience of a sudden strike of inspiration, is like receiving an unexpected beautiful bouquet of flowers, left at your front door from a secret admirer! And our job is to receive the gift with wholehearted gratitude and pass it forward!

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