Sorry to tell you this…

They don’t care that you’ve devoted hours, days, weeks, months and years practicing your trade, perfecting your art and building your independent creative career.

They don’t care about your manager/agent problems, legal challenges, all the money you’ve invested in yourself and your project or how much you owe the government.

They don’t care about your staff worries, partner problems, investor concerns, startup attempts, exit strategies, customer complaints or band dilemmas.

They don’t care that you’ve been doing this for such a long time.

They don’t care that you worry and fret so much about getting it right—even when it’s for them.

And they’re certainly not interested in your excuses, justifications, apologies, alibis or tales of woe.

Important because the only thing they really care about is that you continue to entertain them with your incredible talent, wow them with your “must-have” products, enlighten them with your brilliantly crafted words, knock their socks off with your extraordinary art and provide them with worthy services that far exceed their expectations. As long as you keep doing that, you can count on them to love you and follow you to the moon.

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