The pandemic has introduced a new creative challenge for unwitting artists & treps to deal with: Boredom!

Whaaat? Artists & treps never get bored! Our minds are too active, our imagination too wild, and our non stop stream of great ideas & creative solutions never runs dry!

Still, a few creatives I work with are asking the question: What the heck am I supposed to do with something I’ve never experienced before?
Answer: Shift your POV.

Think of boredom as an opportunity. Because without boredom our minds could not wander and our imagination could not run free. Without it there would be no empty space for new ideas to reveal themselves. Without it our fantasies would be fleeting, our daydreams would be dampened, and the light bulb over our head would be forever dim.

Important because without our new buddy boredom we would not ask the question “What should I work on next?”

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