What could you do this week, the doing of which would shake things up, provoke a change, incite a makeover, or make a big dent in your big project?

What could you say this week, the saying of which would accelerate cooperation, urge resolve and provoke forward momentum?

What would you need to have this week, the having of which would provide you with what’s wanted & needed to finally finish?

What could you write this week, the writing of which would inspire and encourage your reader or listener?

What would you be willing to give up this week, the giving up of which would create an opportunity for something new to show up?

What spark do you need this week, the igniting of which would motivate you to finally get started?

Who do you need to be this week, the being of which would completely alter how we see you, cause us to trust you, and encourage us to follow you?

Have a nice week:)

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