This week’s Wiener roast was just one more validation that the gift of the Internet is here for the benefit of all humanity, and we have a choice to use it for good or not. Don’t forget that it was the same “Twitter” that Weiner used to raise up his big ego, that was ultimately used as evidence to bring him down. The great technology beast of our time is not only gobbling up governments and politicians like a hungry Pac Man, it’s now going directly after our integrity. But wait, let’s tell the truth here, it’s not the actual Internet or Twitter or Facebook that’s doing the house cleaning, they’re just the tools we use to help us qualify our choices and decisions. WE are the ones who are cleaning the house. WE humans are the ones who are bringing down governments and dethroning our leaders. It’s not the technology—that’s merely the device that has helped raise our collective consciousness. It’s how we choose to USE that technology to benefit the human family that really matters. We the people are still cheering from the bleachers of the ancient Roman coliseum, with all the power to decide if the careers of our politicians and celebrities’ live or die. In those days, 2000 years ago, the only device they had was their thumb! Today the Internet is our thumb. With a simple up/down gesture, now more than ever the fate of ego, greed, morality, trust, pride, lust, envy, deception and gluttony, now lies in the hands of all of us… actually in the thumbs of all of us.

Used to be that all a sinning celebrity or politician had to do was go on TV and spill the beans, plead for forgiveness, take their deserving family on a nice vacation, and all would be forgiven. Not so anymore. Those public “Mea culpas” don’t hold the tolerant holy water they used to. And besides, all those celebrity apologies are starting to sound alike. They’re all ashamed of their behavior, they’re all seeking help for it, they all apologize to their family, and some even shed a tear. Got news for you, the rules have changed; in this new techno-world-order if you lie to us, or do anything stupid, you’re toast!

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