Some artists & treps give up in quiet despair, believing that surrendering is the easiest way out of a disheartening situation. A situation where they’ve banged their head against the wall so many times they no longer have the passion to continue…they’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’.

Then there are those who when faced with similar distress or adversity finally begin to realize that the only way to breakthrough the stalemate is to loosen their tight grip on how they think it should be and open up to the fact that there are many other ways it could be.

Once that happens they rediscover their determination and enthusiasm to reinvent, rewrite, reimagine and re-adjust their course until they find an alternate route that will get them back on track toward the pursuit of their goal.

Important because while both options have their pros & cons only one will take you further down the road toward that ultimate vision you see for yourself.

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