The Internet provides us with an opportunity to do it all ourselves. However, there’s a downside: unless you’re an expert, whole-brained “multi-tasker,” you run the risk of completing production on your record, book, painting, script, video or big project, then failing to market it effectively, pitch it properly or “get it out there.” One of the most common frustrations I hear from clients: “I’m an artist not a salesman. I can easily produce creative ideas, I’m just not good at Internet marketing, social networking, or manifesting my work in the world.” Truth is, somebody’s gotta do the “left-brain” work that you’re not doing, otherwise you’ll be sitting alone in your castle with a stack of unseen, un-pitched, un-distributed, unsold, genius works of art and worthwhile ideas!

If you’re really serious about moving your career/project forward, then you must overcome “resisting” this critical part of the process. Either hire someone to do it, find a partner, or hire a coach/consultant to help you hash out an intelligent plan. It’s time to start “thinking smart” about your pitch process and marketing strategy. Because if you don’t get your extraordinary art, jaw-dropping idea or worthwhile project in front of the people that matter, the part that you’re not doing will continue to haunt you.

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