Dear crazy, creative reader,

What stands in the way of you playing a much bigger game? What’s your excuse, concern or fear? What’s stopping you?

How can you not see that we need your unique skills and remarkable talent more than ever before?

How can you not use the power of your words, and seize the opportunity to write encouraging stories, inspiring scripts and motivating movies and videos, especially when there is such a loud, desperate cry for inspiration and truth?

How can you not take a break from writing the same’ol predictable, ordinary tunes, and instead use your unique, creative style to compose powerful music & lyrics that reach in, grab us by the bones and lift us up? Heck, even poetry parlors are on the rise in this country! And the Grammys announced a new, special merit award for “Best Song For Social Change.” Why not go for that award?

How can you not transcend or excel your business or corp., when it’s so obvious that we need forward thinking, risk-taking entrepreneurs, publishers and producers who are aware enough to realize that our current reality is screaming for creative solutions to impossible challenges! And if you’ve tried and failed before, try again!

Important because the world is still in awe of dreamers, artists, and creative people like you. And artists, athletes, and socially conscious entrepreneurs are by far the most trusted and effective influencers on the planet! And you are part of that group! How can you not see that we are counting on you, dear creative reader, to enlighten us, inspire us, and lead us into a safer, smarter, more fulfilling future? (Actually, on second thought, I think you already see it. In fact, I think you feel it, gnawing at you deep inside your bones!)


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