Possibility is never razor sharp. It’s always a bit blurry and out of focus.

When we imagine what’s possible in our life and career it looks a lot different than looking at it through the lens of reality. It also has a completely different impact on the choices and decisions we make (when we act on what’s possible instead of the same o’l song & dance).

And while others strive to live in predictability, artists & entrepreneurs spend their entire lives surrounded by uncertainty, which is where possibility lives, which is actually very familiar territory for us. Kinda like when King Arthur asked Merlin the Wizard why he always wore robes with moons & stars on them? Merlin replied, “Why it’s because everywhere a wizard goes he is always at the center of the universe.” 

When we finally come to realize that possibility and uncertainty are at the center of our universe, we find ourselves standing in a limitless, unbounded creative space, from which we can pivot at the drop of a hat, and perform our work from an absence of formula. That’s what makes us different from the others. Not better, just different.

Important because fortunately for us, living, navigating and operating our creative lives in the space of possibility is actually how we come to discover what’s possible in the first place.

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