— It keeps you thinking you’re on the right track.
— It feeds your fear of change.
— You believe that if it got you this far, it will take you the rest of the way.
— It’s the success story of the past you keep telling yourself over and over.
— The world was a different place when your winning formula was an original plan.

That said, the only way to break through the door to the next level is to step outside your current comfort zone and reinvent, rewrite, and reimagine your career or business. Literally create a “new vision” for yourself—a greater vision, a smarter vision, perhaps one that could literally transform your life! Then, make an outrageous, ruthless commitment to make it happen!

Truth is, you know your winning formula is no longer effective when you’ve stop telling people where you’re headed, and instead, you tell them where you’ve been.

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