A 35-second refresher course for creative artists, risk-taking entrepreneurs, and geniuses:

— The current state of our career or business is a direct result of the choices and actions we have either made, dodged, or ignored up to this point in time.

— Our current financial portfolio is a reflection of the decisions we’ve made in the past, resulting in the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

— The status of our relationships with friends, family and cohorts, is the result of the words we’ve spoken, how attentively we’ve listened, and the reactions we’ve expressed, which have either strengthened or weakened the bonds we share in the present.

— The number on your bathroom scale is where it’s at, not because “you are what you eat,” more because “you are what you ate.”

Important because we can’t go back and delete the actions of our past, but we can certainly reboot where we stand right now and remain alert and conscious of the choices and decisions we’re making in the present, which are guaranteed to impact our future.

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