One of my all time favorite experiences ever is visiting the Grand Canyon. Every time I see it my eyebrows go up, my jaw drops down and the sensation of divinity becomes clear and present.

If you stand on the southern edge of the Grand Canyon you can clearly see the dangerous, rocky, risky, steep and treacherous hike it would take to get to the other side. An ominous trek indeed.

That said, if someone pointed across the dangerous, rocky terrain to the other side and said, “Look…that’s where your goals are! That’s where you’re headed! And hiking from here to there is your only chance of achieving your big dream.” Your jaw would drop, your eyebrows would raise and you’d probably say, “No way! Are you kidding me! WTF! How do you expect me to get there? There must be an easier way!”

Important because the good news is there is no chasm between us and our big goals. It just looks that way from our doubting POV. And while many folks look across the imaginary chasm to the other side and say, “there must be an easier way,” others are excited by the challenge and committed to the adventure. They research all the possibilities, consult with experienced advisors, build the best support team, and muster up the confidence to stand on the very edge of the great (illusionary) divide that (appears) to separate them from where they are now to where they want to go, and proclaim “This I shall Do!”

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