I assert that deep down inside, held hostage by your ego, hidden behind “I wanna be a star,” and just around the corner from “I wanna be stinking rich,” you have a burning desire to make your own personal contribution to the world. I know I do. I also assert that just one level deeper than that, you have a sneaking suspicion that if given the chance you could do great things! Perhaps you think the only thing that prevents you from being great and really making a difference are your circumstances. If you only had more money, you would do more philanthropic work. Or, as soon as you find more time, you’ll get involved in those specific community affairs that tug at your heartstrings.

In my 40 years in showbiz, I have learned that “If only” and “as soon as” are the excuses of the multitude! The world has been waiting for people like you to start doing all the things you said you would do someday. Give up the notion of waiting for your life to turn out before you do the right thing. Take a stand that showbiz is your calling, this is what you’re here to do, and this is your vocation in life. Pledge to do your best work—honestly, and with integrity. Promise yourself to remain conscious and vigilant regarding the pettiness of our industry, and commit to doing exceptional work that will set an example for all of us to follow. This unselfish shift in attitude may be the only piece missing in affirming your own true Showbiz destiny.

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