You’re Dream’n if you think the entertainment industry is going to suddenly stop, turn around and high-tail-it back the other way—the way it used to be.
You’re Smart if you realize that there are more opportunities for creating, promoting and distributing your art & commerce then ever before in the history of showbiz.

You’re Dream’n if you think social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are merely distractions to getting the real work done.
You’re Smart if you realize that social networking is exactly what’s wanted and needed (at this time in our evolution), in order to bring together like-minded people to create, share and manifest extraordinary art and jaw-dropping products and services. You’re also smart if you’ve started taking advantage of those SN opportunities.

You’re Dream’n if you’re waiting for the fast moving technology train to slow down so that you can finally catch up with everyone else.
You’re Smart if you realize that the exponential growth of technology is not going to slow down in our lifetime, in fact it’s going to speed up. And the best time to jump on the train is now—from where ever you are and wherever the train is.

You’re also smart if you realize that you’re not alone. That many artists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and creative innovators are running the same sprint, racing to catch up with the same speeding train.

And you’re really smart if you calm down about the rapidly changing technology, take a few deep breaths, and proceed with intelligent, researched choices and decisions regarding the future exploitation of your art & commerce.


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