In the past five months of the Covid lockdown I’ve Zoomed with lots of clients, friends, family, artists, treps and geniuses. The only person I haven’t Zoomed with yet is Billy Zoom! Here’s what I’ve learned:

If you Zoom with musicians you’ll learn that practice is paramount, success is illusive, who you know is everything, and if your audience can’t come to see you perform, you should figure out creative ways to bring, stream or present your live performance to them.

If you Zoom with actors you’ll learn how to bond with your agent, live with rejection, and embrace home-casting and self-taped auditions. You’ll also learn the true value of Masterclass!

If you Zoom with graphic illustrators or painters you’ll learn about that deep compelling tug that provokes pro artists to create with total abandon. Then you’ll be envious.

If you Zoom with a screenwriter you’ll learn more about creating a great pitch than creating a great character.

If you Zoom with agents or managers you’ll learn more about behavioral development than career development.

If you Zoom with an Attorney you’ll walk away pondering “what if” for the rest of the day.

If you Zoom with a business owner you’ll realize why tiny beads of sweat dance on their upper lip when they try to explain why it’s not working.

If you Zoom with a marketing expert you’ll long for the good ‘ol dinosaur days when simple magazine advertising worked.

Important because we should Zoom with artists & treps who are looking forward to trying new ways of doing old things. We should avoid Zooming with people who can’t wait for things to go back to the way they were.

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