It’s easy to boast about what we’re good at. Not so easy to admit what we’re NOT good at. See how many points on this list apply to you:

You probably suck at:

1) Avoiding online distractions.

2) Learning how to get maximum performance from your computer, iPhone and tech devices.

3) Reading books.

4) Allocating your precious time.

5) Confronting, managing and rallying your team, including agents, managers, employees, bandmates, key staff, partners, etc.

6) Staying focused.

7) Seeing it through to the very end.

8) Making BIG decisions.

9) Withholding your precious opinion.

10) Being able to “change” or move from your position.

11) Asking for coaching.

12) Prioritizing your to-do list, then sticking to it.

13) Taking meaningful risks—the kind that could move you from where you are now to where you could be.

14) Honoring your commitments…to yourself.

15) Breaking out of your procrastinating comfort zone and pursuing your biggest most impossible dreams!

Important because flaunting what we’re good at will make us a living. Excelling in what we’re not so good at will make us a fortune!

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