1) Stuck on a specific outcome that has to turn out a certain way…your way! After all, out of the unlimited medley of creative possibilities, your way is the right way and the only way that will work.

2) Waiting to be discovered, or waiting for help to arrive, or waiting for a certain person to change, or waiting for the unrelenting wave of technology to at least slow down so you can catch up.

3) Undisciplined: You’ve discovered that aimlessly clicking around the Internet makes it look and feel like you’re actually accomplishing something.

4) Insecure (inside): On the outside you’ve got everyone convinced that you’re in control. However, on the inside you feel inadequate. Which leads to a fear of making growth-oriented choices, which then “clogs the works” and slows your progress to a crawl.

Truth is, most deny or ignore all four.

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