1. Unfocused: Fooling yourself into thinking that you have a clear vision of where you’re headed. Constantly switching gears and changing direction only prolongs the circle game.

2. Low Expectations: You set the bar too low, thinking that winning the small ones now will give you the courage to go for the big ones later. But that’s a trap. Winning the small ones only keeps you stuck in an illusion that you’re getting somewhere.

3. Inflexible: Rigid, jammed and stuck on how it has to be. Holding a firm grip on how the end result must look only blinds you from seeing the unlimited options and possibilities that are available.

4. Waiting to be discovered: Huh? Really?

5. Knowing too much: Thinking you have all the answers because you have an education, or experience, or money, or previous success. There’s no right or wrong road to success today. That’s what the techno revolution is all about— absence of formula! Try waking up in the morning with a “beginners mind” and proceed from there.

6. Tech Dread: Do I really have to say this? To the degree you learn and use the tools and technology, to that degree creating, promoting and shipping your art & commerce will be that much more rewarding.

7. Undisciplined: Wasting more energy worrying, wishing, and wondering than actually putting in the time to improve, excel, and advance.

8. Stuck in indecision: Unable to make confident choices and decisions because you’re afraid of making the wrong choices and decisions. Keep the game moving. Do the research, gather the facts, then throw the dart.

9. Brittle Confidence: Confidence Is Everything. It trumps experience, rivals talent and beats the beans out of a good education. If you can’t find any, fake it!

What did I miss?

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