We all have “access” to the same tools; the same Mac, the same production software, the same Internet, the same smart phones & Pads, the same cameras, guitars, keyboards and drums. And if we don’t own the tools, we can often beg, borrow, steal or rent them. And ultimately, with enough talent & expertise, a creative artist or entrepreneur will skillfully use those tools to build something worthwhile: a song, a movie, a painting, a book, a script, an app, a start-up.

However; before talent or skill, before innovation or invention, even before creativity, there is a “vision.” You see or hear something (within), that you believe is obvious, worthwhile and possible—often it’s only a “fleeting glimpse,” but it’s enough to arouse an eager Muse. Then you proceed to skillfully and masterfully use the tools to manifest that vision in the world.

Most have the tools, some have the talent to use them, but few have the vision to create something that matters. Without a “vision” for something new, we’re just repeating what’s already been done before. Without a “vision” for something original, we’ll use the tools to simply build to code. Without a vision for something unprecedented, I’m afraid were left with the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

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