I loved the way that gold star looked at the top of my homework or test paper. Even more, I loved the way it felt. Mostly because all through my schooling gold stars were far and few between. I rarely got one, so when I did, it really mattered a lot. It said I did something good. It said on this particular project I was smart and it made me feel like I was part of an elite group, which made me want to do better. That rare, fleeting gold star made me feel like I was okay.

Oprah said for twenty five years of The Oprah Show, during the commerical breaks, every single celebrity guest would always ask her: “Was that okay? Did I do okay?” She then upped the ante and said, “Every one of them ask me that question, with no exceptions!”

Important because all we really want, even more than money, is to be assured we’re okay, and recognized for our hard work. Just a simple “atta boy” or “you go girl” makes a huge difference. Because the truth is, those acknowledgements are far and few between. That’s why the great swamis and sages always say, “Give that which you seek.” If it’s money you want, give more. If it’s acknowledgement you want, start complementing others, and keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. Not like a ploy to get more for you. More like a simple “tip of the hat” to those who walk the rocky road less traveled…like you do.

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