I wrote this line in a story a while back and I’m constantly reminded that it’s worth repeating:

“Pettiness is something up with which I will not put!”

Petty conversations, petty thoughts, petty movies, petty books, petty television, petty emails, petty errands, petty websites, petty news, petty people, petty bloggers, petty, petty, petty.

When you stop putting up with the pettiness in your life, people start to take you seriously. And when that happens, things begin to move forward a little—sometimes a lot!

There are so many important things to do, so many great ideas waiting to be born, so many things to fix, so many things to invent, so many great songs to compose, so many inspiring scripts to pitch, so many jaw-dropping start-ups to launch, so many ways to contribute, so many ways to make a difference, so many people to help, and so many opportunities to create entertainment that inspires products & services that matter. It seems a shame to trade our precious time for petty distractions.

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