Go ahead and plan, meet, huddle, Zoom, brainstorm, scheme and strategize all you want. In the daily (more like hourly) lives of pro artists & treps (and their families and lifestyle), uncertainty still rules the roost! It causes smart business owners to have sleepless nights, talented artists to lose confidence, and seasoned professionals who stand in front of cameras, and behind mics to have upset stomachs!

Others wake up in the morning into certainty; a start time, an end time, and a paycheck. However, when an artist or entrepreneur wakes up in the morning, uncertainty is sitting impatiently at the foot of the bed with a confronting list of unfinished works and unsolved mysteries…that only patience and creativity can solve.

And while it’s certainly true that uncertainty will keep your fans, clients and customers, curious and coming back for more, it is also nevertheless true that the predictability of certainty will often bore fans, clients and customers into moving on…in search of something more curious and uncertain.

Important because so much we can learn from uncertainty, and so much we already know about certainty.

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