I don’t play poker but my former business partner Eric does. He didn’t follow the fad—he’s been playing since 1971—he’s got trophies. He always tells me “it’s not so much the cards you get, it’s how you play them. Some play‘em cool and safe, while others play’em assertive & cocky.” Sound familiar? Sound like your life? Whether it’s playing poker, scoring a film or running your company, we’re all sitting at the poker table of our own choosing. And at that table you’ll always find Courage & Confidence sitting right across from Doubt & Fear, all waiting, watching, planning, strategizing to see how the next opportunity will play out. What’s at stake? Just your destiny, that’s all. Whenever I ask Eric, what are the chances of winning at poker in the long run, he always says, “0% unless you play the game with an “all in” attitude.”

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