It may not happen all at once and it may be sporadic across the country. However, a new wave of change is coming to overwhelm us: A return to normal. Actually a much better normal! It will be a triumphant end to a spellbinding story. Books will be written, movies will be made, and songs will be sung all about the darkness that took over the planet. And as a crazy, creative genius you will be part of that story.

When this darkness finally passes, people will be dancing in the streets! Literally! And your family, friends, neighbors, fans, customers and clients will remember how you selflessly helped them get through the darkest of times. There will also be an avalanche of entertainment; from TV shows and movies anxiously awaiting their release date, to production companies eager to complete important critical projects that were put on hold, to recording studios surprised by the sudden onslaught of new business.

Plus, after we see the green light and our confidence in socializing returns, nightlife will explode with the reopening of bars, restaurants and summer festivals. Your favorite movie theaters will reopen (hopefully). Friends will reunite and deeper friendships will be forged. That wonderful smell of summertime neighborhood BBQ’s will fill the air. Grocery stores will stock rolls and rolls of toilet paper! In a variety of colors! Enough to TP a house! You’ll take your kids to school and they will be so happy to reconnect with their friends. Your teenagers will be back on the hunt for a college. And hopefully, there will be a kinder, gentler, more patient culture of human beings populating our planet.

Important because we need to keep this vision locked in our mind’s eye everyday. And start looking at who we will be and what we will do on the day the darkness passes. And it will. Not like wishful thinking, more like facts, predicted by science and history.

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