I cringe when people have “answers.” Especially well known bloggers who post endless lists of self-proclaimed “Facts.” Really? Are these the answers we’ve been waiting for? Is this the most up-to-date manual for artists & entrepreneurs to follow?

Most of the time when we really need the answer, we’re facing a big challenge or even a catastrophe; whether it’s in the studio, on the stage, at the staff meeting, or standing right in the middle of your world, facing yet another financial crisis.

It’s at those times the answers you need are never available on a convenient list. Rather, they’re inside of you, waiting to bubble up and reveal themselves at your command. And they reveal themselves in the form of risky choices, and uncertain decisions, that you make hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, day after day.

Others consult the workplace manual for answers.
A&E’s work without a net.

Others follow the company guidelines.
A&E’s follow their intuition.

Others obey the rules and stick to proven protocol.
A&E’s: Rules? Protocol?

To the committed artist and the hardworking entrepreneur there are no answers. Only possibilities. And often those possibilities show up in the form of judgment calls, snap decisions, and instinctive choices—right on the spot! But that’s where the real genius does her best work. Right in the middle of the fire. Right in the middle of her creation. Standing on her own two feet, right in the middle of “the answer-free zone.”

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