Art is NOT “in the eye of the beholder” like some would say. Rather art is the heart and soul of the artist, living at risk. It’s the blisters on the fingertips of the guitarist, the steady hand of the painter and the filthy fingernails of the sculptor. Art is the skilled precision of the bassist, the surgical timing of the drummer and the naked emotions of the singer. It’s the angst of the writer, the eye of the designer, the ear of the producer and the skilled savvy of a good manager. Art also lives in the fearless entrepreneur who willingly puts at risk who she is, for who she could become. Art begins with spontaneous inspiration from who knows where, and ends when the artist says it’s finished. Art dwells patiently in the deepest part of the soul wondering with uncertainty whether it will ever get the chance to be noticed, let alone loved. However, the artist has an enemy. The enemy is neither the self-serving critic nor the unimpassioned financier. Art’s regal foe is the demon of doubt; tempting and taunting the artist to back down, give up and do something more meaningful—more responsible. When that happens, the true artist, the courageous entrepreneur, the creative professional knows exactly what to do. They put on their boots, grab their shovel and get back to work. It’s the only way they can ever get closer and closer to their impossible vision.

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