“…your old world is rapidly changin…”

The year we were born has plenty to do with what opportunities come our way during our lifetime. That said, it just so happens that we were born into an era when the entire entertainment industry is being disrupted, dismantled and rebuilt from top to bottom, including music, movies, television, theater, publishing, production, art, animation, design, radio, retail, big corps. and small business. And we find ourselves (and our careers) right in the middle of this extraordinary paradigm shift.

Important because if we continue to resist the transformation that is currently taking place in our industry, and if we fail to educate ourselves, and do the homework, and go through the necessary learning curve, then we will always be stuck in indecision and baffled as to which way to go. We will always be faking our conversations and pretending to have answers. We will always be juggling our priorities, changing our goals and redefining our commitments. And we will always be “almost” making it—forever chasing our dreams instead of catching them.

“…so you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone ’cause the times they are a-changin.” —Dylan

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